3 most important supplements

1Protein Powder
Look for one with no added sugar, low carbs and at least 20 grams of protein per serving.
2 Branch Chain Amino Acids
Powder form is preferred, and it is important to take 9-12 grams immediately after training.
3 Glutamine
Take around 15 grams pre and post training, and powder form is preferred for this supplement as well.


A Few Words About Mike

Mike Francois is the owner of Francois Fitness Consultants, an Ohio-based company specializing in the design of customized training and nutrition programs for people of all fitness levels.

Mike, a Certified Personal Trainer and IFBB Professional, is nationally-recognized for his expertise in the field of fitness and health. He is also an event promoter, holding the annual NPC Mike Francois Classic in Westerville, Ohio each May. >>more about Mike

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